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Sudan Independence – Helping Former Slaves Feel Free

Dr. Richard Brown traveled to a remote clinic in South Sudan during the week prior to its declaration of independence from the North. Hundreds of thousands of South Sudan’s people had been taken captive by the North and many have been kept as slaves for over ten years. Christian Solidarity International has been “buying” their freedom in exchange for cow vaccine. Dr. Luka has been treating villagers from a desolate area for many years in his rural clinic. Ellen Ratner, Talk Radio host has been raising money to support his clinic.  She invited Dr. Brown to provide stress and trauma relief using Breath~Body~Mind™ practices for 600 recently liberated slaves who were walking for seven days through jungle and desert in extreme heat to reach the clinic. They would be treated and then returned to their original villages.

Dr. Brown, working through a translator, led the first group of 200 in simple Qigong movements and breathing practices. Within about fifteen minutes, the grim, frozen faces with vacant stares transformed as the Sudanese began smiling, laughing, and eventually dancing. It was as though their liberation from bondage was finally being experienced as a reality, as though they could finally unfreeze their emotions and feel some joy and hope again. Two days later Dr. Brown led a group of 400 liberated slaves with the same emotional responses.

A group of 18 polio victims were also taught gentle movement and breathing practices. They felt stronger, empowered to increase their strength and independence.

Dr. Brown also worked with twenty women, former slaves, who had been practicing Coherent Breathing for 6 to 12 months. He led them in more advanced techniques. They experienced deep and powerful stress release. This motivated them to travel to other villages to teach the practices to more women and children.

Independence was declared at the end of the week. The South Sudan flag is a very important symbol of independence. The Sudanese used crayons to create flags on pieces of paper and taped these to sticks. As you see in the picture, this little boy has been through so much misery and deprivation, yet, still able to hope, he holds up the flag of his new country.

Cholene Espinoza's "Freedom Eclipsed" can be viewed at www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/07/08/freedom-eclipsed/
Ellen Ratner reports on the situation in Sudan for WorldNetDaily at www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=320633

Goats for the Old Goat
“Goats For The Old Goat” began as Ellen Ratner was preparing for her 60th birthday. Goats graze easily on the grasses of Southern Sudan. They provide milk and cheese and their dung is used as fertilizer. A she-goat can provide up to one liter of milk a day, the difference between nourishment and hunger. Goat milk provides high quality protein, calcium, fat, and riboflavin. Excess milk can be made into cheese and sold in the market. One goat opens a world of survival, a safety net for a family to pursue education and micro-business. Neighbors can pool resources to start small local dairies. As there is no need to homogenize goat’s milk, it is simple to begin production for sale. If you want to help, go to http://www.goatsfortheoldgoat.com/ to contribute money for goats.

© Copyright to RP Brown and PL Gerbarg 2013